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mind on our money ark sz

(hook - krayzie) 2x
people ask me how do you maintain
you got to keep your mind on money (t-h-u-g)
dont let the snakes ever short you for ya change
nigga, let em know how much you want it

nigga 1993, hooked up with eazy e
1994, rushin through the door with the bone flow
nigga was creepin on a come up, doin it for the love of money
1995 we really let em know, cleveland is the city where we come from
brought styles muthafuckas never heard before
but we never got our props
til we dropped that said song, see you at the crossroad
but the man know, eazy runnin with the lost souls, rest in peace
that was 1996, we back in the mix
i guess they thought that wed gon quit but we got love for this shit
but everything started changin, business rearangin
then the time when bone and ruthless wasnt vibin
tried to keep my mind together through that industry shit
somehow im feelin like what i deserve i didnt get
but ima stick it out, believe ima keep my head up
and show my loyalty for eazy e, even though im fed up
1997 hey, everybody grab ya weapon, its the art of war
it dont stop, it wont stop until we drop, body rott
not to mention when we venture through the family scriptures
1999 nigga, still strugglin
tryna get some money with this mastermind im jugglin
sharpen up ya thug mentality
and by the year 2000 ill be thuggin, but so im???
i gotta get some money, blast if i get hungry
so if you read that i done flipped, then you know the story, about me


(ed. note-im not too sure about any of this verse)
take a good look into my eyes, and all over my face your bloody death
with a bloody bloody, mess, im servin you none the less
?????????? that crazy muthafucka from the worlds most dangerous group
mo thugs nation,????????? on your life
thats absolutley what im gon do
blast at them niggas who thought they knew me
now im that muthafucka that be??????, the nigga that bust all yall
my mission in life to be the coldest nigga that ever spit shit on the mic
im comin in smooth, rockin this hip-hop music just the way you like
tellin all biters to please stop tryin
let it go fry fool, when i make my move all yall gonna die
split up and fry, open his eyes??????????????? pop,
shot one through his head
oh my, oh my, now look what you made me do, this nigga dead
it aint my fault, you niggas too soft, aint got no skill
now look through the???, stop steel
yall some fake-thug livin tryna get notice by hangin with stars
no need to say no names, niggas know who the fuck you are
we all true sound, nigga united gatherin souls, how we roll
and thats love for the paper, foldin, i saw these hoes
but i had my??????, nah nigga thats my nuts????????? dont touch that
and then he wont hesitate to buck for the love
you cant dust on these bustas, so they die
they only got love for those who love me
in the meanwhile i main to keepin my mind on my money
and no, this shit that we spit aint funny
especially when you hungry, nigga
with no hustle, nigga, to get them funds


in 91 im runnin from the fuckin cops, dont ya know it
that bitch was tryna find a hidin spot, he show it
know niggas thatd had no pussy
said that would never read or get to l.a.
and niggas went cannibal on em, either
smokin that reefer, niggas know how im livin
cause i was havin children when yall was lookin for women
but mine aside, so why you tellin your same???
when niggas aint have shit, tell me whos the one that ride
we gon ride ride though, you can call me mr. murda-mo
get???, burn the whole store down all by myself
???????????? for fuckin with the bone flow
heaven and earth, god and my loved one, and ya gotta roll
and what you want my people to hear, that im a fuckin sell-out?
but whos the one on solo shit, and who want me the hell out?
ill bail out with a???, that pussy makes me change
or expansion on the mansion or acres in the shooting range
shootin thangs (shootin thangs), it dont make you a villain
the villain is chillin with his children
bitch, i keeps it real!


i keep my mind on my money, my money on my mind
a straight up soldier in the field out here pushin my line
nigga designed a gold crime as im racin through this obstacle
007, layzie bone, knew it was possible
got shot, got out the hospital, started on my mission
listen, nigga pay attention
oh, and did i mention, had a tape before i crept on a come up, faces of death
blessin 40 o-zs, lay and leatherface and double zs (???)
niggas often wonder why my mind on my money
nigga these bitches all up on me, and half the industry phoney
its like this nigga, i dont even fuck around
if a nigga aint got no money for lay, ill come around
aint it funny how niggas turn funny-style
when they think they fall in trinkets, aint even ran a mile
see my niggas doin a damn thing, flesh
trues humbly united gatherin souls, just to let you know
heavenz movie, yours truely, mr. gambini
(kraaaayzie)its the mentality, and next to the baddest, little stevie
and when you ask me how i maintain
i watch my niggas rule, act a fool, and ace the game
mo thug one, witness the family scriptures
mo thug two, family reunion comin to get ya
mo thug three, presentation of the mothership
niggas on some other shit, by smoke and maintain



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