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its all real ark sz

krayzie bone and the bone, with my mighty-mighty warriors
with my mighty-mighty warriors

cause this is all real, what you see
i said its all real its just the thug in me

(verse 1)
nigga just because krayzie quiet speak less
dont be mistaking my kindness for weakness
humble but ready to rumble
my violent side i cant deny
im like a jekyl and hyde gemini
look if you see me quiet
then im plotting to riot why tell me why tell me why
im labeled a menace but i like it
destroy ya paranoia will make me blow you away but hey
nigga got to close to me and that aint how its supposed to be
nigga want respect but what do you show me you
playa hate and anticipate the day that you can see me fall
better act like yo know im rolling with mo posse up
do damage and manage to wiggle our way out of handcuffs
as we strut as thugs we must doin our best to obey god violent in these times
got to do what you gotta do war till ninety-nine
slim nigga gotta get up and go and get it if its really coming
now i got it and ima floor the niggas acting
the safetys off come and get it if you really want it
(hey, hey, hey) its hating baby they gotta be so cold the gotta be heartless
in certain situations like retaliation


niggas be keeping it all real we keeping it all real with the real if its
real stay be real
we come with nothing but the real thing baby
krayzie got nothing but the real thing baby
we come with nothing but the real thing baby
krayzie got nothin but the real thing the real thing

(verse 2)
baby now this is the sound of me and my trues we put this down way down
so now if you hear me releasing some shells
hit the ground with the quickness lay better stay down on the darkside
take a look and youll find true niggas like no other kind
nigga say fuck the wine indo inside swisher sweet get me high

aint nothin get to nothin somethin got to be real real somethin got to be

i still be thuggin in the khakis boots and skullies
and since im weed fiend for the green nigga gotta make that money man

its real always

(verse 3)
last night i p.o.dd next to me ouija, ouija,
and i fell in this fucked up state of mind
slipped in the dream and i see demons telling me its time to die
why me i see some niggas they creeping outside my window
im ready to bang bang bang aim the 12 gauge pump let my lead go
give it up for the bloody murda mo bloody murda mo mo
see a nigga when he go through the window had to put a bigger hole in his soul
if he get away running out my backdoor with me sawed-off swinging
get ready to duck now to the guts buck pap pap pow

(2x) singing
i claim my thang to slang
(murda mo murda mo murda mo murda mo murda mo murda mo)
them bloody bodies kill em all send them hoes up in flames
krayzie insane to the brain

(verse 4)
now i know i done did some dirt in my time
cause the devil was stressing my mind
messing with my mind nigga
bone dont know every day they lie
turn to realize that everyday i can do it if i only pray
maintain cause a nigga was lusting
for money had to get it cause a nigga was struggling
i hit him with the mossberg yall heard about mr. sawed-off
leatherface till them lay round after round after round
theyll fall down down
may they lay from the eruption man
we putting them six feet deep we buck we bang

(chrous until fade)


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