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its all mo thug ark sz

its all mo thug. its all mo, mo thug.

oh well, if you snooze, you lose. ya stop prayin that (?), when fleshll shoot it and catch your shit, back, stay packin a gat in your lap always. if you (?), roll strapped. now how about that? and stack, went to go tappin, nigga pap him, fuckin with one of my own. no, no, wrong, and he facin my chrome, left in my city, double nine execution, we mo murder, stupid trick you bitch, that our destiny, we dont play with the game and beam a red line. hey, little lay ran to the stash, dont push the (?). gotta problem? then handle it. eazy is where we came with a blessing and a masterplan. niggas thuggin off in the land, and still the band. cant fuck with these cleveland clair playas. so the homies, you better beware cause the bone and mo thug on this mission. listen better pray if you did cross us on the way, hoes.
oh, oh, oh, i just wanna separate from the pressures, baby, or maybe, i was meant to live my life brought up in this world of games. in gods name, i pray. the devil--he be breakin me down. i could feel him cause he pullin me, now. ive been blessed with an incredible style. when this mission is to try to separate us, wanna break us on down. now, aint that foul, so i ask the lord to help me. lord, why does this life of overwhelm me when we livin in hell? but we cherish everyday like we in heaven, oh well, but time will tell, so we listen for the ringin of the bell, the bell, the bell, but it be hard to maintain and stay peaceful. if you turn over to the devil then the devil will beat you, defeat you, deceive you, evil. he will never leave you alone. ive been lookin for a better day, but they dont never seem to wanna come my way, my way. eh, im havin hell of times, tryin to make it, cause my people steady stressin my mind. so i stay high, so im really sinnin on the top of sinnin.
whether youre with me, its deadly in the venom. if it get up in your head, it could really send you on the deadly mission. keep your distance from the flames, maybe you can survive forever everyday.

hell yeah, got me flippin in the northcoast. remember me: the crook that wrote the book. im off the hook. so yall niggas better take another look, cause if you playa hate the bone, then your lifell get took, so quick. never bringing you no bullshit, man. face to face, its an assassin game. bringin you heat, yall niggas bringin the slang, but if you wanna bring the pain then you gotta maintain. comin in on another level. im a put you on deck up at the top of the pile. fake niggas wanna claim my style, but im a break em on down, but you gotta come unique. its the thuggish ruggish sound that you lookin for, searchin for, everybody boy wanna be like bone and stay high. little kids no longer wanna be like mike, thats right. they tryin to be like bone and keep thuggin for life. gettin ready for the end, dog, with my nigga, ken dawg, hustlas, shiftas, and tre, ii tru, ajay--same muthafuckas from around my way.
with krayzie:
this how we play, play. everyday its the same ol same around my way, around my way. well be thuggin out round my way. this how we play, play. everyday is the same ol same around my way, around my way, around my way. come around my way, my way, my way.

its all mo thug. its all mo, mo thug

little nigga wanna come, get up in my way, hey. know the brain is your strength to strain to gain your fame, fame, fame, fame. what about those hoes? oh, no. little eazy was sure to teach bone. and if hes wrong, well, hes gone, but my children--they keep me strong. my dear lord, i miss my peoples, and it just seems so evil, and that i cant kiss my kids goodnight, put em to bed, tuck em tight, and catch em sleepin. thats all right, thats all right. ill get mine, hey, ill get mine. itll take time, but im a grind. weed and wine--ill be just fine. (...?...), and blow you. and mama b was, what? in the back of the paddy, jumpin out caddies(?) cuttin through alleys in cleveland, cali like daddy. (.....?.....). kill ya when i get your (?). everybody who was in your (?).

you niggas cant fuck with these clair players on top of pile, and we rollin. stand back, haters, gonna be here for a while. cant you hear the crowd screamin real loud? and thats for bone, thugs. thanks the lord my sisters got bone to look up to and feel proud, and on top of all of that, hey, mommys out the ghetto now. i thank the lord, and these bone thugs-n-harmony for everything it brings to me, yeah. i thank the lord and these bone thugs-n-harmony for everything it brings to me. better believe that were doomed, doomed. shoot em, shoot em, kill em, kill em, nigga aint gon stop none of these millions. been a long hard way. been a long, long, long hard way. im glad i got mine. gonna floss a little bit, watch them niggas watchin me, thats tryin to take mine, but i got somethin for em, watchin niggas runnin up, gonna meet his time, die, bye. nigga dont bite or playa hate. we got much love in mo thug. its all about mo thug.

its all mo thug. its all mo thug, mo thug.


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