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foe tha love of $ ark sz

foe tha love of money
gotta make that money man
its still the same now

gotta get on the grind
pop in the clip of my nine
and bitch if you slip
you hit the chalk and fall in the night time
gotta get mine
aint takin no shorts or no losses
hop on the phone
callin my nigga sin at home
polishin that mac-10 crome
gotta a lick so bring yo shit
cause once again its on
to the dome with a fifth of burb
we wig to the curb so we swerve
and rolled out to pick up the triple six thug
and follow the murder for robbin the dooehouse
smoke jump outta me bong
so high, now comin to slay with four grenades and a gauge
im a play, watch all em fall in the grave and lay
pullin in the driveway, wish spotted the place and quickly rolled up
bulldozed through the living room
hopped out of the car and started to blow up
buck, buck, and a kaboom
me blew all them bodies all over the room
them doomed
and gotta move fast, why?
the po-pos comin
snatch up me yummy
so nigga dont think its funny
im comin up quick in the niine-quat
cause flesh be lovin this money

im given uo love to the hustlas
all them st.clair thugstas makin that money stayin on your feet
and you better believe gotta have that cheese
for the green leaves, never catch me sleep
stay on the grind, get mine
stayin down for mine crime, and i hit up the nine-nine
givin up that llelo, makin me sale, twenties nickles and dimes
beat up and stick up a lick up, that two-eleven
gotta get whats mine, then bailin
me kickin up dust, im trailin
feelin one-eight-seven
thats how it is, and i gotsta have it in the nine-quat
mission to check a mill and still be real
thuggin on the glock-glock,creepin on a come up
wont sleep till im done up
gotta blaze me blunt up, hunt up another plot and scheme
gotta make some green, cause soldiers nut up, what up?
gotta get that buisness on, even though the buddah run me, stun me
feelin lovely, but im just in it for he love of the money


standin on the corner straight slangin rocks
aw ahit! here comes the muthafuckin cops!
so i dash, i ducks, and i hides behind a tree
makin sure the muthafuckas dont see me
now my fat sack of rocks hell yeah i stuffed em
police on my draws, i had to pause
and yeah, its still muthafuck em
now my game is tight, tight as fuck is my game
easy muthafuckin e or eric wright its all the same
now niggas might trip on how i stash my grip
i gotta have it bitch
for the love of this shit


when dough got me thugsta, thuggish ways, down for my crime everytime
follow me down the nine-nine, and you will find all of me kind
check out the ripsta, now, drop down
run em up outta me hood
rips straight when makin me grip wiht me click
rollin with ruthless, the thug i be
me put em in mud, buck em, and pump blood
got nothing to lose, bitch
ya beter respect rip, or ya best check this slug
its goin down steady pump and peel rounds, gunnin with a me gang
bang, gotta make that money man
its still the same
steady runnin thang wild, and follow me now
while i take you up into a barrel of a gun, see
for the dub youre done
for the bud, i run, for the love of my money

nigga down for my thug off in this game
so peep as me creep and me crawlin off on the mission to back in the
when niggas was bailin with sawed-offs and wanted to get paid
runnin to my side, lil nigga, ripsta, both on the mission for money
you give u the cash, oh, that was your ass
cause me and me nigga was hungary
and bitch, if youre stallin you might just catch one to the temple
and um, bone raw doggin, so nigga just make tha shit simple and run
to catch one nigga me fill em with bullets and dump em in rivers
remember, me killa now
for money, me dig ya six feet in a ditch and get richer
cause bitch you were slippin
ill cut ya, then rip ya, then buck ya down
steayd rodin and stealin makin a killin
nigga drugdealin, needin a million
hustlin drugs when the thugs be chillin
for the money, these niggas be sellin off in the cut
where you find a nigga thuggin off in braids and skullies
and when i stick ya and lick ya, remember
i get em up for the love of the money
for the love of money

yeah, bone in the muthafuckin house for the nine-quats nigga
yeah, rollin with ruthless records in this bitch
my niggas, layzie bone, bizzy bine, wish bone, and flesh-n-bone
and im that nigga, krayzie bone, in the muthafuckin house


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