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ecstasy ark sz

bone thugs~n~harmony

krayzie "krayzie the dealer"
whats happenin nigga? "hell yeah, whats up my nigga? aint nothin just out
here grindin my nigga, you know what it is." "whats up nigga what you need?" i
need some weed nigga. "aw man i dont even fuck with the weed no more." what?
"aw hell no man i got this new shit man, this shit called ecstasy man." ecstasy
what"nigga this the shit (?the fuck) im telling you." "nigga this shitll have
you on the level with your female and everything nigga." "look, (this nigga
trippin) ima give you one of these muthafuckas, let you try this muthafucka
out man." man what the fuck is this shit, this muthafuckin crack or something?
"and ill bet youll be calling me tomorrow talking about you want some more of
this shit." "im telling you this shitll have you on the level man, you need
to put the weed down and fuck with this shit boy, im telling you boy." (this
nigga trippin "im telling you boy, shit have you on the level." fuck it,
give me one of them muthafuckas then, aint no muthafuckin weed out here! "h
ere take that one and call me in the morning nigga!"

i feel so "z" (i feel so ziggety, ziggety, ziggety)?cause im floatin in
ecstasy, im floatin in ecstasy (-4)

as you can see i took the pill, i took the pill, went right to the house,
house. grabbed the shot of liquor, pop-pop-popped it in my mouth. and im
thinking to myself that this might be a waste of my time, cause what if i dont
even get high. thirty minutes done went by, i didnt even seem high. until i
stood up and looked at the ceiling for some reason now im tweakin. then i
tried to walk but i was slooow?i guess im floatin in ecstasy. just like that
nigga told me.

flesh [krayzie]
i feel so pillish, pillish, pillish?cause we floatin in ecstasy. [im floatin
in ecstasy.] (-4)

my nigga well ill be doped (doped), and im tokin on somethin. oh damn and
it aint no joke. calicos and red beams, and scopes for the niggas that want
to rob me for my mojo. feeling so "z", cause im floatin in ecstasy, (all
right!) ahh! my nigga just call up the homie to hook us up on that liquid "g",
and if these hoes dont wanna sex me, they gotta shake the spot quickly. im
feelin my high, but im also feelin way low, go down, im stuck in-between
fuckin with rose royce and that aint gon ease my choice. well, hell just
throw in a few more diablos. look at flesh bone so chill. adrenaline pumped
through my body. feelin hot and exotic with an arced cock. im feelin too
sexy for my muthafuckin self. gotta find my bitch and im gonna fuck her ass to

flesh [krayzie]
i feel so pillish, pillish, pillish?cause we floatin in ecstasy. [im floatin
in ecstasy.] (-4)

as soon as my niggas told me the level, i started to see the devil. nigga was
floatin in ecstasy. shit i took the pill, couldnt feel nuttin so im
drinkin. but about 30 more minutes later, nigga was on the couch faintin,
palms sweaty. man why in the fuck yall let me do this? im lookin at my
homegirl like i want her, nigga this some new shit (new shit). i realized
(realized, realized), nigga took one step and started stumblin. and i was
tryin to call my niggas but they couldnt hear me so i guess im mumblin. fall
all off into something. but i guess im on a mission, telling my niggas that i
love em now but aint nobody listenin. whistlin, hangin out the window,
need me some indo to let go. lay, b, sylk e fine-ine-ine float in that expo.
knock, knock knock at the door. (who at the door?) but nigga was paranoid so i
grabbed the gun and bucked it at the floor. ooh-ee shit happens! my family got
me faded. but im runnin to see because--cause a nigga cant take it (take it,
take it), shake it. if i ca
n (huh?) but ill blend in with (what?huh?what?huh?) the killers. and i wish e.
was here to feel pillish, pillish, pillish, pillish.

i (i) feel so violent, violent?fuckin with that ecstasy. come roll with me. i
(i) feel so violent, violent?fuckin with that ecstasy. (-2)

ive been smokin weed for a very long time, why should i change? and plus they
say that ecstasy shit fucks up ya brain, brain. not i, why should i just to get
high when weed gets me high when weed gets me high? "nigga try this here," they
said "better than that there," they said "youd like it, youd like it," so i
tried it, i tried it. i thought this shitll have a nigga high and horny. im
high but im too high, wanna hurt somebody. nigga you trip and get ahold of
that shit and ride that high, yeah. when im trippin nobody moves, moves,
wont nobody get hurt.

hoes around. im yawnin. man she aint even in the car! baby hopefully we
hide all the lsd. we should slow down. we ridin on the highway, get the wheel
so i can go down low and on 70 my way. tasha?shh, she twitchin, feelin so
ziggety ziggety ziggety drop these bitches, fuckin bitches pity. be pilled out,
peelin out, movin slow and bizzy be rock hard, tongue wet let me go. we in
the club drunk (drunk), fucked up, and still rollin. they know my pockets
swollen, hold up, show em what we holdin. we rollin rollin rollin and
rollin rollin rollin

i (ah!) feel so ziggety ziggety ziggety ill be rollin off that ecstasy (-2)
and we rollin off that ecstasy. (-4)
fuck it! give me a pill nigga. sock it to me! (wooooo!) oh shit! oh shit!


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