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ian hunter, ian hunter arklar, ian hunter ark szleri
1., miles from here436
2.a, swan hill364
3.all american alien boy418
4.all of the good ones are taken417
5.american music444
6.another fine mess407
9.beg a little love428
10.big time398
13.captain void n the video jets619
14.central park n west474
16.cleveland rocks459
18.dancing on the moon466
19.death n glory boys479
20.detroit out642
21.easy money414
22.every step of the way448
23.everyones a fool628
24.following in your footsteps392
26.god take429
27.golden opportunity388
28.good girls421
29.gun control411
30.how much more can i take442
31.i aint no angel497
32.i get so excited412
33.i need your love396
34.invisible strings403
35.irene wilde377
36.it aint easy when you fall478
37.junkee love585
38.just another night366
39.just when i needed you most371
40.justice of the peace364
41.keep on burning431
42.leave me alone427
43.letter to britannia from the union jack359
44.life after death431
45.lisa likes rock n roll491
46.listen to the eight track453
47.livin in a heart449
48.lounge lizard420
49.man owar664
50.michael picasso501
51.miss silver dime366
52.my revolution410
53.never trust a blonde449
55.now is the time416
56.old records never die394
57.once bitten twice shy383
58.open my eyes465
59.overnight angels380
61.psycho girl585
64.red letter day379
65.restless youth404
66.resurrection mary334
68.seeing double365
69.shades off spoken347
70.shallow crystals365
72.silent movie503
73.silver needles373
74.skeletons in your closet399
75.something to believe in378
76.somethins goin on455
77.sons and daughters453
78.sons n lovers504
80.standin in my light481
81.still the same459
82.sweet dreamer583
83.tell it like it is383
84.that girl is rock n roll468
85.the artful dodger449
86.the ballad of little star363
87.the best thing363
88.the loner430
89.the other man377
90.the outsider394
91.the truth, the whole truth, nuthin but the truth466
92.theatre of the absurd323
93.to love a woman429
94.too much463
95.walk on water386
96.we gotta get out of here382
97.when the daylight comes417
98.who do you love391
99.wild east411
100.wild n free580
101.womens intuition585
102.you nearly did me in380
103.you stepped into my dreams387
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