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da introduction ark sz

welcome to the darkside.
backwards (shatasha): its the thuggish ruggish bone...
eazy-e: eternal. eternal. eternal...
st. clair, niggas [niggas, niggas].
[laughing. scream. thunder.]
backwards (bizzy): gotta give it on up to the glock glock, pop pop, better drop before them buckshot blow. the bone in me never no ho, so no creepin up outta the ziplock. so, sin, sip gin, and lil mo heart run up, nut up, and flipped in, then slipped in the clip then, mistakin they bloody victims. member to test nuts...
buck! buck! buck! buck!
right back at your muthafuckin ass comes those real true thugs staight of the double glock, puttin it down for the muthafuckin land, takin no shorts, no losses, puttin it on these jealous, bitch-made, playa hatin ass niggas. you better tell me whats real, bitch. takin over shit in the nine five, i bring to you the one and only, bone thugs-n-harmony.
nigga, this st. clair [this st. clair, this st. clair].

yeah, nigga.
execution double nine style, steadily fillin them bodies underground.
nigga be all about that llello bankroll. bet i make that money, man, then roll, put it on the dough, but i beat up hoes, and i peel em and bang. gotta get them demons off me, creepin up softly, seepin up through my soul, and sleepin aint good til dawn. when im alone, and im dozin, bet i watch the door, then i wont be slippin, sleepin. lovin the thugs i bails with, but a trail of twelve gauge shells, bloodll be spilled, one-eighty-seven and a two-eleven. twelve gauge and an ak-47 spray. lil ripsta killa now, put em off in a grave--they lay with a slug stuck all up in ya. when i roll with realer niggas, pop, pop. drop to the sound, hit the ground, then im up to kill ya.

them st. clair thugs, we love when they pumpin them slugs, now what, see the blood from the scum, when i dug them enemies deep in the mud. they drugged. i roll with them trues. snooze, you lose, end up on the alley floor fucked up. whats up with them shoes? ooh, they new. so we runnin off with my dogs chucks. bust a left at the block. hey, what do ya know? oh, no, the po-po--they follow. copper gotta see the nigga layin but cant escape, but nigga, remember my motto: me no surrender. gotta get away, hit the fence with the quickness, hit the other side, and i swang to the ride, rollin through the cut, hit ninety-five. peel, bailin for safety we make it and chill, gotta make a mill, better not get caught for real. nigga, drop that bill, or i pop my steel. aint no competition, dont fuck with my click, and so listen you bitches that trippin so get when we stickin then lickin them pockets. so drop that dollar, man. gotta holler, bang. fuckin with a thug nigga smokin blunts. nigga,
dont stiff on the weed, smoke it all, cause, nigga, you know when our pockets get (?) im a run and get a sack, and come choke, choke, choke.

now youre fuckin with these thuggish killas, creepin up outta the land, and they ready to ride, gettin high off thai. my niggas in the land got glocks for days on the nine-nine. but i kill em all, dog. bet layzie dont fall with the twelve gauge eruption on niggas, so what now? come, nigga, get buck, pow, and not only that, get shut the fuck down. and im talkin about niggas that wanna contend with them thugstas. some niggas done fucked up, never no playa haters in the clicks allowed, and we never no bustas. never catch a nigga sleep, hear the buckshots rang where the thugs in cleveland dwell. daily collectin me mill, and ill meet you in hell if all else fails. oh, well.

execution double nine style,
with layzie:
steadily sendin that body underground.


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