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creepin on ah come up ark sz

devilish eazy-e voice
right about now, thugs~n~harmony is on a come up, so to all you bustas out there, beware.
stalkin gat fools, walkin jack moves. [-4]

woke up this morning with the thought of robbin a bank to get rich. aint ate in days so it aint no thang to click click, bitch, gimme your shit. fresh out the pen, and im low on ends, fuck calm, i tried to stay thug. got flowin skills, but nigga, they bitches, now i just cant buy my bud. with my steel, grabbed the 44 mag plus a sack, and i snag my leather rag. cant reveal when i glide with the moneybag, ride to the hide, count my flags. i be livin on the darkside, and i cant escape, some say its a phase. if it is, only way im gonna survive is if i play with my gauge. its a raid. put your face to pave. if you try to play brave, youll get slayed. pull down them shades, empty your pockets, watches, jewels, and youll be safe. i snatched the clerk up by her neck, put the gun in her mouth and said, "bitch, you better move quick back to the safe, if you wanna be killed try some stupid shit." "and pushin that panic switch will get you nowhere but hell." trail to the back with the money in the sack, l
ocked em all in the vault, time to bail. well, tickets im out the door, hopped in the smug, and i break fast. get to my pad, sit back and laugh, locd out as i flip through my cash. at last, nigga made good, and i got away smooth. now, im straight. covered my tracks, only description is that nigga with that leather face, fool. i gotta get mine, and if you stall, then im gunnin. just work your job, get paid. ill rob ya. see, a nigga creep on ah come up.
stalkin gat fools, walkin jack moves. [-4]
see, im sittin in my room, and a nigga feelin down, steady thinkin about how to get paid. gotta gauge at my waist that be spellin out murder thatll get a nigga locked the cage. lay my head to bed, start to thinkin hard, money is the cause. what can i do me for? need to hit a lick, not a bullshit, but a real lick, like robbin a jewelry store. select which one will i raid. got be headin downtown, cause tonights the night. dressed in my black, wearin makeup on my face so a nigga cant be seen in the spotlight. stole two cars, and i parked one north, parked one east for the smooth switch. when a nigga bail, how the fuck he gonna tell if a nigga dont dwell in the same shit? climb to the roof, and im peepin out the scene, and theres no one i can spot. so i get my ass down, walked around to the window, and i broke the bitch out with a rock. now i jump my ass in. start to fillin up the bag, and a nigga comin up on these diamonds. grabbed a couple herring bones, and some rings, and some ropes, still
thinkin how them diamonds was shining. went to the cash register, broke the bitch open, grabbed all the money they had. and a nigga gettin goin gone to bone, yeah, got to let my niggas check out my bag. and i got away smooth, cause i had the shit planned, and aint no bullshit get brung up. thats what i gotta do if i wanna get paid, cause a nigga be creepin on ah come up.

stalkin gat fools, walkin jack moves. [-4]

downin jamacian spliffs, little nigga ripsta on this lick and bang bang. nigga thats the clique on my brain. yet another victim, insane. feel the murderous nervethis twelve shot pump, and i gotta bigger gat to back me. peelin in my smug, thug, hoody, black skully, black khakis. creepin in my smug, so reapin, peek into the window, let me cock this. nigga mustve been meant to be jacked, cause here comes me hostage. up outta the door, with a pump to her temple, shouldve seen her tremble. push any alarms, and i drop them bombs on moms. its just that simple. i took my ganjas and fried em. dont gimme no hassle, bitch! cause ive been scopin for weeks, and i know yall got some shit. clack back me gun, hollow point mixed with dum-dum kickin. ladies and babies scream onto the floor. "shut up and listen!" its a jack move, fools. give me the jewels, the dope, the weed, the cheese, and answer me why and you hoes is cryin, cause bitches are dyin? "bloodn clot, get up! you dead!": what one of them ni
ggas said. buckshot up into them dreads, and i love when i hear them pump red. one that callin me bluff, i stuffed him with the quickness. see, made out with a smooth thirty gs. so all bodies must bleed, i need no witness. so with-a-me slug, mo thug jumped into him smug. rolled the blunt up, good stuff reefer, hitted the bone to give up love to me thugs. cause i done made it clean as fuck, and i flees the scene with a buck buck, cause a nigga be creepin on ah come up.

stalkin gat fools, walkin jack moves. [-8]


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