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clog up yo mind ark sz

(chorus) sit back, and let this thugshit, clog up yo mind (x3)


now, im ah nigga ta keep ta myself, and dont fuck wit nobody
im quiet, im thuggin. why are yall so fast?
aint time ta take ta quicken put to derail my thugs
well i might be krayzie, civilized, i cruize in my mercedes
as ah bye-bye, nigga feel tha bone, now spray, hey
especially foe tha police, man. im ah nigga wit thugshit
cause im runnin wit tha niggaz in tha hood and thats how we play
wanna feel ah my spray-pump hit yo chest, and finally realize
who youre fuck with, fuckin with them niggaz in cleveland
ya do whateva like he say
then flip again, in the land, got tha upperhand
cause i got tha gripping good delay
if you niggaz can dash, wit tha lethal mass
and then pass wit tha very blast
it aint innocent, you should never been there
in tha first place, fall, you got yo curse today, hah
willin die-hard nigga, wanna give up fakin
nut devotion just do what you want
so bitch, krayzie bone, real it now, and when did they lose?
youll feel the vibe, nigga
killin cause im krayzie, nigga, cause i got to get the money
get the platinum fund to pay
but im ah be ah thinkin bout my niggaz
when i got ta do sum flippin, if ah nigga aint got my back



foe tha love of tha money, i keep spenidin yo
just sum pap low shit, gotta let em hang low
swangin lead from my 44 magnum though
wit ah nuttin indo smoke, when my thugs be sure, sure
hope ya know, i rip heartz, its on, jackin move
then ya betta figure again, and quit plottin
takin over this everyday, stoppin to tha tough
double glock and its not forgotten
bitchez drop in tha clair
its tha bone thugs, in this shit wit eazy e and we made it
and ah nigga wanna hate me cause im famous
id still leave em in tha streetz, you cant blame us (lady luv)
cause when they catch me without my heat, and im thuggin
in tha streetz and im rollin
thuggin by the deadliest gs, you cant fuck wit us
to the pressure out of pressure, im loadin, blow you up
yall know we dont worship sin, its tha heartz of men
and wed tested stress, wanna be blessed consists of tha sin
in tha wayz of tha sin, to be dead. (chorus)


and i promised, that all tha soulz would last
til the dayz of tha livez of tomorrow
and if youd follow, tha end of the world
should ah come ah so soon, so i just follow, i know
i know, hey, how ta get down foe my thang
enemiez fold ya, lettin me soulz, gonna catch ya
flossin all tha way
welcome to tha land, where all my chemicalz unfold
it goez, around up in slow-mo
been tickin, and i land down to newport
im alone, yes, but i may not rest
police will see me silenced stressin
nigga was steppin up in ah, when i catched them thievin
and i got em and there, gotta learn their lesson
blastin, no more, no im not havin it
breakin apart foe neva my daddy
lil ripsta defeat go pathless, so i get crazy
and i face nows nasty blastin
for tha bone, for tha bone, hit em up, and lesson up tha violence
screamin on ah my murda mo, bullets get niggaz, lets begin
ah new riot, hittin, and buckin them down to tha pave
cause im in tha new sense of me grave
couldnt you hataz, wouldnt be saved, hate em
hate ta shook, and put ah pen up in dem
foe tha love of money makin go crazy
and benjamin franklin pleaze come save me
hit tha weed, and yall in, rollin yo finga but spot ya
bam em, yam em, fiend foe tha greenm see everybody sweatin
foe tha scenez, still in ah myst wit tha clich
an unpropable way of ah trial cause its tha funk, sing



(now give it to em)
ya, gotta sit back, smoke and choke, meditate, mental state
wit tha bone, b-one. we steadily grieve on, givin you what
you need man, clone bone, shock em, drop em, pop em
let em know bone in tha fukkin war (no, no)
you hataz make feellike, you wanna feel my motherfuckin 44
but i gotta stay clean, its cool, then unless he freein
im mean sum cheeze, me and my niggaz, and this mo thug, mo thug
cavalry, on tha streetz
ready ta ride, when its time ta ride, ready ta kill
when its time ta kill, you gon die, you gon die
ive been tryin if you really wanna ride on down wit bone
then come on, come on. if ya really wanna ride, get down
but get stuff, but ya come on, come on



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