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cant give it up ark sz

[krayzie bone]
theres always something you got to give up (yeah, i know know)
if you want everything you want (but shit i dont know, i dont know)(4x)

[krayzie bone]
my life is a jungle
i struggle
monday through to sunday
they told me the world is mine
but shit, i dont want it. who want it? how could it be mine and im still
hungry still homely, lost and lonely? so i holler at the forces of the wind as
a friend! but i predicted this ending back in the day, cuz i had visions of bad
decisions, knew niggas would go astray. although we pray and we pray and we
pray, we do, but see when a nigga lose faith, no more united, divided we fall
nigga, then haul. we all dealt fucked up cards, but dont complain just play
the hand that you was dealt. you play them right you prevail, you play them
wrong then you fail. it aint hard to tell, when you be headed for
self-destruction. cuz i could look at a piece of the puzzle. it aint no love
involved. everything we was dissolved. we all hard as one but together we raw.
and it aint a nigga that can fuck with that. we spreaded the talent my nigga,
whats up with that? letting the devil get in. shouldve pinned. you was
pretendin to be friends. we was slickin by the snake in the grass, slither
slicked a nigga fast. yeah, the
mothafuckin snake in the grass. we dropped our guards and it got inside us
like a virus. now our family reunion done turned into a family crisis, crisis

[bizzy bone]
theres always something you got to give up
if you want everything you want(4x)

i was never some solo shit. always down to roll and blow a head off. he jet off
and dont know me, dont tell me you love me. when i was lonely and my daddy
died, all of my niggas came. nigga dreamt, and thanks for coming, im still
stressed out over the death. and i take my breath to puff my cigarrete (wet). i
think the world is just collapsing, but im still rapping. get it all of my
chest, go wacking back to the action. when the bird was flying low, and
laughing, family bashing till it just happened and wally passed in the ashes.
working it tragic, gloomy, asking if youll ever come back tomorrow. we tellin
the truth clone, you still beating around the bush. baby im sorry. its all in
the game. throwing up blood (coughing). fuck it lay, lets sign our life away!

[wish bone]
you see me
i aint givin up a motherfuckin thang
its hard to come by, and i aint no bitch nigga. shit, committ some robberies
and walk-bys. but you dont want that. neither do i, but i will i will cuz im
a hustler, hustler. high till i die. ima get mine even if it means murder,
fuck it let me fire. cuz a nigga thirsty nowadays. but im a hustler just like
you, dont bring that shit my way.

[layzie bone]
well if its something you cant give up [bizzy: would you give it up?]
to get everything you want [bizzy: i cant give it up!](4x)

hell naw, i be thugged out nigga, turned out nigga. running with niggas thats
killas, the realest that be shermed out nigga! fearing my prophecy, aint no
stopping me. comin through with the mossberg shotty. i really dont want to
hurt nobody. just kill off filluminati! fuck the dea, the fbi. irs can kiss my
ass too. cpd, fcc, yall niggas better quit trippin fore a nigga come blast
you. ill blast you. hit em up like pac did, take em hostage. terrorized and
tortured your ghetto resource, a big payback (payback)! little lay that
little nigga with scrilla.
and bitch i thought you knew. you got a beam on me, i got a beam on you. you
wanna fuck with me, im gonna fuck with you. (beeatch!) like its always been.
yall niggas gonna have to kill me. feel me! you gonna have to pop me. even if
you tryin to stop me from grinding. im leaving you blinded by the science of
mo thug till you find us. all a nigga know, in the hood life, in the streets
tryin to get the good life, getting that lle up under the street lights. its
a life im fighting. a nigga want out but just cant get out. so i guess i gots
to fix it. all them dreams of having them big thangs, im still gonna chase it.
youll see that!

[krayzie bone]
theres always something you got to give up (yeah, i know know)
if you want everything you want (but shit i dont know, i dont know)(4x)

here they come wicked and i bomb down. bone servin the fiends! lit them up and
then i hit them with a future shock, then pulling my glock. thats when they
all thought, "when this shit gon stop?" popped in my slug and it goes "pop"!
droppin this shit daily, kicking this thug music. but i love, also really love
smoking bud till i buzz, sipping on some toxic feeling me lust! my niggas dont
play it too close, my thugs aint havin that shit. my peers applied with the
pencil when they stabbin the holes through the people. well split your wig!
and buckin it on ts like me, scts in the city of cle. we bail, get em up
rollin. could you handle the wasteland soldier? told ya. nigga, better have my
gun. now follow the man and dont tell him what the ouija spelled, you better
hope you dont fall victim. niggas stuck up another then, run! when im through
with the body, hit yall! even when it be armageddon, still im up. hey its
flesh givin you pain or pleasure. whatever you want on my dream, go on. well
then stack yo
ur jewelry krayzie!

[krayzie bone]
theres always something you got to give up (yeah, i know know)
if you want everything you want (but shit i dont know, i dont know)(4x)


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