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budsmokers only ark sz


goddamn cigarettes!
nigga that shit sound sweet if everybody

budsmokers only. budsmokers only, only. [-4]
some niggas be passin that weed on to the thugsta niggas from cleveland, gotta smoke til its all gone. now, we wanna bong, cause a nigga be creepin. called all my thugstas, all them niggas drank. called all my thugstas, all them niggas smoke weed. gotta get me some, now.

my love is in hydro, gotta choke, let me loc with a little bit of smoke in my throat. cant let-a-me high go. goin broke. mo thug hit the bud up and then get up upon me. inhale, just lit up a blunt, and me roll fat one to get p.o.d.ded. they label me killa, drugdealer, that realer nigga, krayzie weeded.

blaze up a blunt, gotta have that hydro, need me a hit of the tweed, made me drop to me knees. and i gotta give love to the green leaves, steadily spendin that cheese, feelin at ease. thuggin on off in the cut, now when im checkin on how this shits on. in a raid, smoked out with my nigga, tav. smokin that tweed til we fall to our grave.

make up the dummy to make up me money. weed run me, and headed for broke, smoke on the bong, hit the bong wrong, nigga, me cough and choke. we, the real o.t.s loc strong, bone. i gotta c-note to toke on. so choke on, me holdin the smoke til its gone for long, and stay long.

wanna get you fucked up. wanna get you fucked up. (hey, now, pass me some reefer.) [-2]

mr. inventor-of-the-green-leaves, gotta give ps, cause i love this type shit. and its never gonna quit. doctor told me better stop, but man, fuck that bitch! me never goin stop me smoke, try to tell me, gauge in your throat. gotsta run me on, fuckin with bone, lovin this weed song.

thuggin with me trues, swiggin on brews, steady be losin me balance. take a puff to the dome, trippin off flesh bone, showin off me talent. smoke until-a-me die, nigga gotta get high, if you wanna come right. come with me, smoke on a blunt and get nice. nigga, take a weed fiends advice. (nice!)

feelin onto main, quarter-roll to the brain. smokin like blunt after blunt my niggas is insane. other niggas cant hang. its a bone thang, how a nigga like me smoke and maintain and remain #1. here i come with the tweed in my chest. nigga, got his wig to the curb, split up and serve, but fuck it! gotta have them green herbs.

if you got bag of tweed, well blaze it with me fool. now dont be stingy, and please no pinnas. make it swollen! cause if i had me some weed, you know id smoke it with you. come-come get wit-a-me--me and my niggas blunts we rollin.

krayzie & bone
budsmokers only. budsmokers only, only. [-8]

i take a hit of the reefer, keep smokin. [-8]


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