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human nature, human nature arklar, human nature ark szleri
1. lonely days364
2.angel of your heart407
3.baby come back to me496
4.be there with you395
5.bring her back452
6.can i do you424
8.depend on me386
9.dont come back584
10.dont cry505
11.dont say goodbye521
12.ethernal frame438
14.got it goin on406
15.he dont love you album version519
16.house of cards413
17.if i only had the heart420
18.its gonna be a long night522
19.last to know387
20.love is a fire376
21.love unconditional415
22.marys garden603
23.now that i found you362
25.people get ready516
26.send it in a letter383
27.september girl400
28.sleepin alone604
29.something in the way351
30.tellin everybody621
31.temperature rising547
33.when we were young433
34.whisper your name432
35.whisper your name the only one345
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