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huey lewis and the news ark szleri
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huey lewis and the news, huey lewis and the news arklar, huey lewis and the news ark szleri
1. years from now381
3.back in time421
4.bad is bad392
5.best of me420
6.better be true377
7.build me up386
8.but its alright536
9.buzz buzz buzz425
10.change of heart362
11.couple days off390
13.do you believe in love439
14.do you love me, or what375
15.doing it all for my baby443
16.dont ever tell me that you love me457
17.dont look back652
18.dont make me do it570
19.dr surds rocket535
20.finally found a home369
21.forest for the trees362
22.give me the keys and ill drive you crazy581
23.giving it all up for love385
24.going down slow377
25.good morning little schoolgirl359
26.he dont know499
27.heart and soul346
29.hey, jonny399
30.hip to be square641
31.honky tonk blues539
32.hope you love me like you say you do408
33.i aint perfect515
34.i know what i like425
35.i never think about you2539
36.i never walk alone373
37.i want a new drug367
38.i want you502
39.if this is it359
40.if you really love me youll let me610
41.is it me480
42.it hit me like a hammer403
43.its alright750
44.im not in love yet duet with wynonna judd502
45.jacobs ladder414
46.let her go and start over409
47.mother in law528
48.my other woman357
50.now heres you568
51.old antones653
52.perfect world343
53.plan b379
54.shake, rattle, and roll322
55.she shot a hole in my soul425
56.shes some kind of wonderful626
57.simple as that343
58.small world part one366
59.so little kindness368
60.some of my lies are true sooner or later398
61.stagger lee384
62.stop trying428
63.stuck with you378
64.surely i love you557
65.tell me a little lie439
66.thank you417
67.thats not me487
68.the heart of rock & roll349
69.the heart of rock and roll318
70.the only one355
71.the power of love453
72.the rhythm ranch343
73.time aint money472
74.trouble in paradise384
75.trouble in paradise live435
76.walking on a thin line373
77.walking with the kid353
78.we should be making love345
79.were not here for a long time477
80.whatever happened to true love392
81.when i write the book399
82.when the time has come439
83.who cares451
84.whole lotta lovin646
85.workin for a livin483
86.world to me372
87.you crack me up400
88.you left the water running428
89.your cash aint nothing but trash433
90.til the day after691
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