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howard jones, howard jones arklar, howard jones ark szleri
1.all i want348
2.always asking questions377
3.angels and lovers337
4.assault and battery389
6.back in your life359
8.bounce right back375
9.change the man478
10.city song399
12.cookin in the kitchen507
13.cross that line380
14.dig this well deep345
15.dont always look at the rain490
16.dont be part of it689
17.dont get me wrong709
18.dont want to fight anymore477
19.dream into action372
20.dreamin on506
23.everlasting love377
26.fallin away666
27.fresh air waltz363
28.give me strength371
29.good luck, bad luck446
30.guardians of the breath383
31.gun turned on the world380
32.have you heard the news374
33.hide and seek336
34.humans lib659
35.hunger for the flesh395
36.hunt the self397
37.if you love379
38.igy international geophysical year339
39.is there a difference360
40.last supper413
41.learning how to love347
42.left no evidence397
43.let it flow352
44.let me be the first to know384
45.let the people have their say381
46.let the spirit carry me403
47.life in one day435
48.lift me up363
49.like to get to know you well416
50.little bit of snow344
51.look mama467
53.new man432
54.new song536
55.no one is to blame428
56.not one of the lonely tonight375
57.nothing to fear390
58.one last try421
59.other people are us373
60.out of thin air561
61.over and above349
62.pearl in the shell383
63.power of the media404
65.roll right up321
66.rubber morals392
67.show me420
68.sleep my angel349
70.step into these shoes386
71.takin the time644
72.tape to tape rag582
73.tears to tell376
74.the balance of love give and take327
75.the prisoner373
76.the voices are back347
77.things can only get better374
78.those who move clouds364
79.tomorrow is now367
80.two souls431
81.wanders to you377
82.we make the weather379
83.wedding song398
84.what is love413
85.when lovers confess389
86.where are we going358
87.why look for the key385
88.will you still be there434
89.you are beautiful to me414
90.you can say its all over626
91.you know i love youdont you632
92.you say454
93.youre the buddha493
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