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puerto rican ark sz

uno, dos, tres, quatros........arriba!
ive seen you walking down the street
whats that big dog by your feet
whatever it is, it could do with a beating
it looks to me like....... a puerto rican
a chick like you its oh so rare
you get off on his greasy hair
you got a smart apartment, you got central heating
why go waste it on a puerto rican
im gonna light up a beacon on a puerto rican
strike a matchstick on his head
light up a beacon on a puerto ric
you gonna watch me smile if he drops down dead (yeah!)
me and the boys dont think its right
that you stayed out with him all night
but dont go making such a fuss
come and burn him up with us!
well im here standing at tierra del fuego
while youre out, playing with that dago
with that girl im gonna make him cry
i wont let that dago by!


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