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step it out mary ark sz

in the village of kildori
theres a maiden young and fair
her eyes they shone like diamonds
she had lovely golden hair
when the country man came riding
up to her fathers gate
mounted on a milk-white stallion
he came at the stroke of eight.
step it out mary my fine daughter
marry if you can
mary my fine daughter
show your legs to the wealthy man
"ive come to court your daughter
mary of the golden hair
i have land and i have money
i have goods beyond compare
ill buy her silk and satin
and a gold ring for her hand
ill build for her a mansion
shell have servants to command."
"but sir i love a soldier,
ive pledged to him my hand.
i dont want your goods nor money
i wont have your house nor land."
but her father spoke up sharply
"you will do as you are told.
youll be married on this sunday
and youll wear his ring of gold."
in the village of kildori
theres a deep stream running by
they found mary there at midnight
she drowned her soldier boy
in the cottage there was music
you can hear her father say
"step it out mary, my fine daughter
you know its the wedding day."


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