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red lights and neon ark sz

i hope you dont mind if i
rest inside your door
please forgive the snowy footprints
im tracking on your floor.
i only want to stop and rest
dont want to start no fight.
ill just wait here for a while
till the police cars out of sight.
for as long as i remember
ive hated those red lights
and hotel rooms with plaster walls
and loud and lonely nights.
it seems like ive been on this road
ever since i was a kid
i could tell if i was sorry
if i remembered what i did.
a wanted man in new orleans
matches my description.
mister druggist please be kind enough
to refill my prescription.
if i had to do it over
this aint the life id choose
but the road still runs and so do i
and at least i made the news.
and the streetlights never waver
and the red lights never dim
and the neon always glitters
and it was better me than him.


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