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no passenger ark sz

walkin down an empty street in a city i dont know
whistlin something catchy as i make my way through snow.
aint got no gloves so i keep my hands balled up in fists;
im tryin not to think how it all came down to this.
i been searching for a sparrow in a city full of wrens
i been asking for the cost so i can make amends
i been waiting for the questions so my answers will make sense
i been looking for the way home but the snow is much too dense.
they said "why are you here?" i said, "im doin time
cause im willing to break laws but i wont commit no crime."
if theres more to making choices than luck and happenstance,
i hope i do it right next time i get the chance.
this city seems so cold, and it isnt just the wind.
i would be easy to say, "im here because i sinned."
im here because someday someone will need a ride
and ill throw away my drink and say, "the coach awaits outside."


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