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newry highwayman ark sz

in newry town i was bred and born
in stevens green now ill die in scorn.
i served my time to the saddling trade
but i turned out to be, i turned out to be a roving blade.
at seventeen i took a wife
i loved her dearly as i love life
and for to keep both fine and gay
i took to robbing, i took to robbing on the kings highway.
i never robbed any poor man yet
nor any tradesman has cause to fret
i rob the lords and their ladies bright
i take their jewels, i take their jewels to my hearts delight.
to covent garden i make my way
with my dear wife for to see the play
lord fieldings corps they did me pursue
and i was taken, i was taken by that cursed crew.
my father cried, "oh, my darling son"
my wife she wept and said, "im undone"
my mother tore her white locks and cried,
"twas in the cradle, twas in the cradle that he should have died."
and when im dead and in my grave
a flashy funeral pray let me have
with six bold highwaymen to carry me
give them good broadswords, good broadswords and liberty.
six pretty maidens to bear my pall
give them white ribbons and garlands all
for when im dead, aye theyll speak the truth
he was a wild and a wicked youth.


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