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bring it round ark sz

the foreman keeps me working here for half a buck a day
if i didnt need the exercise id up and walk away.
id write home and tell em about this life of mine
but im too busy counting days and trying to walk the line.
bring it round, bring it round,
one more time so i can see your face
sitting in my favorite place
make a home where i can stay
find somewhere that i can lay me down
bring it round.
the sun goes down another day comes back up again
hasnt got a dollar, hasnt got a friend.
old hannah talks to me, leaves me feeling fine
lying on the roadway and lighting up the line.
hear the hammers pounding, hear the foreman yell
"you dont load up sixteen tons, ill make your hours hell."
but the days flow by like water, now the waters turned to wine
you could charge a dollar for a drink all along the line.


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