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blackened page ark sz

old woman, your hands are thin, and i think as scarred as mine.
old woman, is this all a lark, or is it how you spend your time?
old woman, they tell me here what you do is called a crime.
old woman, your predictions arent worth a copper dime.
old woman, i hate too much, i must give it vent.
old woman, you are hiding here inside your tent.
old woman, how much more will i have to repent?
old woman, will i have left my mark when my days are spent?
old woman, it is only false joy you bring.
old woman, upon your hand i see a deaths-head ring.
old woman, its our winter, and well never see a spring.
old woman, its time to cry, why must you still sing?
how can you have lived this long, and not give in to rage?
dont you understand; weve both outlived our age?
there is no final curtain; this is not a stage.
can you read whats written on this blackened page?
old woman, tell me when to hold the sand and when to let it spill.
old woman, tell me when the suns light will touch my window sill.
old woman, tell me if its me or those around me who are ill.
old woman, promise me that i will never have to kill.


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