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place in the country ark sz

adam ant/marco pirroni
all i thought i wanted was a front door
all i thought i wanted was a place in the country
now i realise i wanted so much more
some i love but you i adore
you think youre really swinging
but youre off the beat
the moves your brains a thinking
doesnt reach your feet
you got to get this complication out of your head
or find another man instead
you listen very close to what the bad girls said
in all those crumby articles and in my bed
you say im just a stripper not afraid to strip
with my brains rattlin my hips
youve got the kind of looks
that make a dead man stare
but when it comes to working honey
you aint there
i try to tell you nicely but the screaming starts
youre playing ping pong with my heart


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