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him his infernal majesty ark szleri
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him his infernal majesty, him his infernal majesty arklar, him his infernal majesty ark szleri
2.bury me deep inside your heart406
3.close to the flame420
4.dark secret love456
5.death is in love with us369
6.dont close your heart646
7.dont fear the reaper708
8.enjoy the silence432
9.for you438
10.gone with the sin771
11.heartache every moment384
12.heaven tonight379
13.i just died in your arms413
14.i love you prelude to tragedy390
15.in joy and sorrow408
16.in love and lonely373
17.its all tears drown in this love536
18.ive crossed oceans of wine to find you540
19.join me in death430
20.larger than life409
21.loose you tonight350
22.love you like i do402
23.one last time410
24.our diabolikal rapture392
25.please dont let it go552
26.poison girl383
28.razorblade kiss381
29.rebel yell463
30.rendezvous with anus514
32.right here in my arms440
33.salt in our wounds485
34.serpent ride378
35.sigillum diaboli422
36.take my breath away359
37.temple of love395
38.the beginning of the end436
39.the heartless638
40.the th circle ost394
41.when love and death embrace679
42.wicked game378
43.you are the one386
44.your sweet six six six480
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