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him, him arklar, him ark szleri
1.and love said no669
3.behind the crimson door389
4.bury me deep inside your heart396
5.close to the flame768
6.dark light718
7.dark secret love363
8.death is in love with us386
9.dont close your heart490
10.dont fear the reaper537
11.drunk on shadows359
12.enjoy the silence544
13.face of god416
14.for you1542
15.gone with the sin662
16.heartache every moment370
17.heaven tonight330
18.i just died in your arms400
19.i love you390
20.i love you prelude to tragedy369
21.in joy and sorrow353
22.in love and lonely346
23.in the nightside of eden400
24.its all tears523
25.its all tears drown in this love439
26.ive crossed oceans of wine to find you420
27.join me in death418
28.killing loneliness482
29.larger than life285
30.loose you tonight333
31.love you like i do449
32.one last time332
33.our diabolikal rapture378
34.play dead415
35.please dont let it go518
36.poison girl396
38.razorblade kiss348
39.rebel yell341
40.rendezvous with anus465
42.right here in my arms945
43.salt in our wounds481
44.serpent ride339
45.sigillum diaboli378
46.solitary man857
47.take my breath away340
48.temple of love334
49.the beginning of the end384
50.the heartless610
51.the th circle337
52.the th circle ost361
53.under the rose391
54.vampire heart340
55.when love and death embrace794
56.wicked game395
57.wings of a butterfly437
58.you are the one394
59.your sweet six six six449
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