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mohair lockeroom pinup boys ark sz

adam ant/marco pirroni
big c big h mash mary name it
what a ride what a ride
you got me dizzy with that bullwhip
we clutched each other the walls closed in
dont bust my chops like gungadin.
were coming home now diggety dig
the old zippo bang is what it is
we got flip-flop rubber, gung-ho toys
the mohair lockeroom pinup boys.
five years old, he loves the screen
kissing with tongues and margerine.
fast and loose in just one thing
fast and loose in everything
they sit around and laugh all day
make paree and draw their pay.
pools not in but the patios dry
a shameful waste, we dont know why.
i can lift weights what the hell
my little girl just thinks im swell
no back-slapping daddy-o
ran the caddy up to 9-0.


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