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slow down ark sz

i saw you walking
down on melrose
you looked like an angel
straight out of heaven, girl
i was blown away by
your sexiness
all i have to do is catch up to you

slow down i just wanna get to know you
but dont turn around
cuz that pretty round thing looks good to me
slow down never seen anything so lovely
now turn around
and bless me with your beauty, cutie

a butterfly tattoo
right above your navel
your belly buttons pierced too just like i like it girl
come take a walk with me
youll be impressed by
the game that i kick to you
its over and for reeaal

like a flower fully bloomed in the summertime, youre ready
to be watered by this conversation, youre ready
im in awe cause you shine like the sun
let me be the one to enjoy you
lets kick it girl

[hook x2]

oh baby you know by now that i want you bad
im floating on thin air i cant come down
cupid hit me already damn
now i cant leave till seven digits are in my hand, my hand


[hook x2]

slow down never seen anything so lovely



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