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gangsta love ark sz

ow oooooh
yeah yeah yeah
check this out

[verse 1]

when she come and pick me up we just be cruisin (cruisin)
riding down the beat streets with the music up loud
system in the back... in the lap oh yes she get down like that
but from her head down to her toes shes a lady (lady)
always got my back she neva shady (shady)
she steady on hte grd but im always on her mind
and shes on mine


she got that gangsta love
i cant get enough
when she pick me up
she be swervin, rollin
a clean old school, on 22s
white thats wit the drop top
you know how she do
she got that gangsta love
i cant get enough
when we hit the club
she be spendin dubs, sho nuf
just like one of my homies
shes my one and only
ghetto gangsta booty
you know how she do me

[verse 2]

when we hit the club u know we poppin bottles (bottles)
standin next to me lookin like a model (model)
weave done,check
air force ones lookin fresh
and all the fellas are checkin her out
some of yall fellas stop actin like you relate (relate)
cause i been lookin for a girl like that for so long
she dont be buggin me
got her own money
thats the type of that u need

[chorus 2x]


now let me take this just to tell
im feelin everything about
coke bottle body
love to get naughty
thats why ya my shorty

[beat plays until fade]


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