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image of yourself ark sz

adam ant/marco pirroni/boz boorer
youre living up to someones image of yourself
crawling like a helpless infant on the floor
you turn down bread for the want of a steak
whats worth waking up in a cold sweat for?
you know it could have been good
and it could have been fine you know
youre living up to someones image of yourself
devastated they dont really give a damn
as you wait around for someone to do it all for you
you know they gonna make you pay through the nose
on the very rare occasions that they do
the more innocent you are
the more you will know you say
youre living up to someones image of yourself
oh you
dont need opinion
dont need a mirror
believe that youre enough
and you
tapped at my shoulder
captured my heart
i thought your name was love
thought you name was love
its just an image of yourself
just an image of yourself...


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