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if you keep on ark sz

adam ant/kevin rowland

ill take it round
round by round
and i will pay if you dont mind
so just say hello
or even stare
but dont talk about me
when im standing there
so you run your life
and ill run mine
dont ask how i am
youre no friend of mine
ive made my own bed
it suits me fine
i dont know your name
but you sure know mine
im not hard to get on with
youd try the patience
of a saint
if you keep on talking to me
with all of your crude advice
ill talk to you my friend
and it wont be nice
if you keep on doing what youre doing
im gonna vexed with you
if you keep on doing what youre doing
youre gonna be next
ill take it round
round by round
dont want to hear bells when i hit the ground
after awhile you get used to pain
if you knock me down
ill just get up again
now these things i say
sound hard for you
well thats just because
youve got no point of view
some people talk and never do
and thats the big difference
between me and you
if you keep doing what youre doing......


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