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heather myles, heather myles arklar, heather myles ark szleri
1.and it hurts482
2.begging to you409
3.big car450
4.broken heart for sale517
5.by the time i get to phoenix416
6.cadillac cowboy453
7.coming back to me573
8.cry me a river385
9.gone too long341
10.homewrecker blues414
11.how could she385
12.i love you, goodbye412
13.if the truth hurts399
14.indigo moon457
15.it aint over573
16.ill be there547
17.just leave me alone477
18.kiss an angel good morning459
19.little chapel duet with dwight yoakam415
20.love me a little bit longer564
21.mr lonesome398
22.nashvilles gone hollywood499
23.never had a broken heart414
24.no one is gonna love you better644
25.one and only lover392
26.one man woman again424
27.playin every honky tonk in town544
28.rock at the end of my rainbow426
29.sweet little dangerous403
30.sweet talk & good lies350
31.the love you left behind584
32.true love400
34.until i couldnt have you615
35.when you walked out on me399
36.who did you call darlin660
37.youre gonna love one day459
38.youve taken me places i wish ive never been548
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