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cant set rules about love ark sz

adam ant/marco pirroni

i feel suspended in space
in another time and place
to talk would burst the bubble
just want to lie next to you
and appreciate the view
and hope it lasts forever
we do not have to play games
or listen to all the names
they have for russian roulette
if its good enough for the gemini guys
then its good enough for me
you cant set rules about love
you cant set rules about love
so the i becomes we
we make our own chemistry
to move is too much trouble
i hope we wont separate
return to our normal state
as long as were together
so if its yes or its no
chime time says the radio
why dont you kiss me deadly
if and when you slip away
just dont let me hear you say
good morning and goodbye
revolution -- the fourth and final part
revolution -- afterplay with my heart


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