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ants invasion ark sz

adam ant/marco pirroni
10:35 and i hope ive made
the right decision
heart is beating im alive
but i dont call this living
rationalise till im blue in the face
you cannot lose if you throw the race
im still searching for the
ants invasion
10:36 and i hope ive made
the right decision
ninety eight point fours the bore
with twenty twenty vision
you want a thrill so you come and see me
a cheap line in fantasy
but im still searching for the
ants invasion
if id the courage
i would make my way home
too many antics in the forbidden zone
10:38 and i think ive made
the wrong decision
another lifeless man with a strange incision
i hope that insect doesnt see me
hes not renowned for his courtesy
im not searching for the
ants invasion


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