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harry connick, jr, harry connick, jr arklar, harry connick, jr ark szleri
1.a blessing and a curse405
2.a moment with me350
3.a nightingale sang in berkeley square355
4.ave maria520
5.basin street blues555
6.between us445
7.blue light, red light someones there521
10.buried in blue481
11.but not for me430
12.change partners440
14.christmas dreaming463
15.city beneath the sea399
16.come by me553
17.cry me a river612
18.danny boy470
19.didnt he ramble606
20.do nothin till you hear from me443
21.do you know what it means to miss new orleans352
22.doctor jazz593
23.dont get around much anymore487
25.easy for you to say352
26.easy to love494
27.eyes of the seeker360
28.follow the music384
29.follow the music further437
30.forever, for now425
31.he is they are506
32.hear me in the harmony412
33.heart beyond repair459
35.here comes the big parade427
36.honestly now safetys just danger out of place506
37.how do yall know484
38.i could only whisper your name377
39.i could write a book466
40.i pray on christmas342
41.if i could give you more405
42.if i only had a brain431
44.in love again592
45.it had to be you447
46.it had to be you instrumental trio455
47.it mustve been ol santa claus448
48.its alright with me518
49.its time794
50.ill dream of you again576
51.im an old cowhand from the rio grande459
52.ive got a great idea589
54.just a boy439
55.just kiss me434
56.just like me373
58.learn to love384
59.let it snow let it snow let it snow315
60.let me love tonight441
61.lets call the whole thing off526
62.lets just kiss572
63.little farley459
64.love for sale397
65.love is here to stay501
66.love me some you430
67.loved by me327
68.mind on the matter372
69.much love352
70.never young354
71.nobody like you to me353
72.nowhere with love356
73.o holy night350
74.on the atchison, topeka, and the santa fe348
75.on the street where you live382
77.only cause i dont have you647
78.parade of the wooden soldiers329
79.parle plus bas french release only339
80.please dont talk about me when im gone529
81.reason to believe326
82.recipe for love385
83.rudolph the red-nosed reindeer404
85.she belongs to me370
86.she blessed be the one441
87.sleigh ride346
88.sonny cried427
89.star turtle441
90.star turtle448
92.stars fell on alabama376
94.that party370
95.the blessed dawn of christmas day356
96.the last payday374
97.the little drummer boy363
98.theres no business like show business545
99.this time the dreams on me632
100.time after time653
101.to love the language427
102.to see you386
104.we are in love325
105.what are you doing new years eve693
106.what child is this414
107.when my heart finds christmas347
108.where or when363
109.with imagination ill get there501
110.you didnt know me when458
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