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harry chapin, harry chapin arklar, harry chapin ark szleri
1., pounds of bananas425
2.a lot of lonely people tonight444
3.a quiet little love affair388
4.and the baby never cries423
6.any old kind of day362
7.barefoot boy575
8.basic protest song397
9.burning herself417
11.cats in the cradle642
14.coreys coming633
15.could you put your light on please445
16.dance band on the titanic563
17.dirt gets under the fingernails395
20.everybodys lonely684
21.fall in love with him409
22.flowers are red353
23.get on with it384
24.god babe youve been good to me479
25.halfway to heaven363
26.i do it for you jane366
27.i dont want to be president593
28.i finally found it, sandy367
29.i miss america405
30.i wanna learn a love song365
31.i wonder what would happen to him438
32.i wonder what would happen to this world448
33.if my mary were here409
34.if you want to feel622
36.last of the protest singers374
37.last stand422
38.laugh man440
39.let time go lightly418
40.mail order annie406
43.mr tanner434
44.my old lady402
46.november rains441
47.odd job man366
48.old college avenue411
49.on the road to kingdom come399
50.one light in a dark valley468
51.paint a picture of yourself michael354
52.poor damned fool377
53.pretzel man475
54.remember when the music422
55.roll down the river429
56.salt and pepper421
58.saturday morning367
60.she sings songs without words410
61.shooting star381
62.short stories398
63.silly little girl373
65.somebody said471
66.someone keeps calling my name402
67.sometime somewhere wife430
68.song for myself473
69.song man428
70.star tripper531
71.stop singing these sad songs456
72.story of a life363
73.sunday morning sunshine400
74.tangled up puppet397
75.the day they closed the factory down424
76.the mayor of candor lied402
77.the parades still passing by504
78.the rock425
79.the same sad singer401
80.the shortest story392
81.they call her easy367
82.up on the shelf422
85.we grew up a little bit362
86.we were three385
87.what made america famous389
88.why do little girls420
89.why should people stay the same382
90.winter song415
91.woman child396
92.word wizard409
93.you are the only song421
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