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harold arlen, harold arlen arklar, harold arlen ark szleri
1.ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive438
2.as long as i live477
3.between the devil and the deep blue sea483
4.blues in the night my mama done tol me671
5.come rain or come shine429
6.ding-dong the witch is dead490
7.dont like goodbyes687
8.down with love442
9.for every man theres a woman696
10.get happy453
11.happiness is a thing called joe413
12.hooray for love449
13.i gotta right to sing the blues436
14.ill wind youre blowing me no good689
15.its only a paper moon625
16.ive got the world on a string657
17.kickin the gong around771
18.last night when we were young465
19.lets fall in love573
20.lets take a walk around the block516
21.my shining hour446
22.one for my baby and one more for the road391
23.out of this world426
24.over the rainbow671
25.sing my heart425
26.stormy weather keeps rainin all the time547
27.that old black magic414
28.the man that got away436
29.this time the dreams on me670
30.when the sun comes out406
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