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adam ant/marco pirroni
just stay out of my face
and get out of this place
stop pulling my string
if you want a nice face
none so dull as spoken word
things like "girls be seen not heard"
and when she fights you back
dont call her amazon
be very quiet,
nothing to say
talk like a nice boy
and youll be o.k.
you dig
a slice of heaven is what you are
said mary joe in her little car
a slice of heaven is what you are
now sensual big ladies are
stranger in town
plenty of cash
but youre in the wrong place friend
if you want to be flash
dig it
the sweetest girl i ever knew
was six feet four with eyes of blue
shes so wonderful
dont call her amazon
a slice of heaven is what you are
said mary joe in her sports car
such a darling child
dont call her amazon


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