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harlan howard, harlan howard arklar, harlan howard ark szleri
1.above and beyond the call of love456
2.baby dont believe him732
3.baby sister626
4.better get your pride back boy552
7.california sunshine438
8.call me mr in-between448
9.call me up and ill come calling on you530
10.chokin kind688
11.come on home boy453
13.everybodys baby545
14.grey eyes you know484
15.has anybody seen me lately406
16.heartaches by the number418
17.hello there stranger526
18.hes just a little meaner723
19.home from the forest404
20.i care634
21.i dont believe ill fall in love today431
22.i dont mind556
23.i fall to pieces608
24.i hope youre lonesome808
25.i run to the door476
26.its nothin to me536
27.id rather be a fool568
28.ill be gone581
29.im tired634
30.ive got a tiger by the tail537
31.ive gotta leave you baby718
32.just for the heck of it499
33.life goes on i wonder why438
34.little more time439
35.mary ann regrets431
36.maybe the hurt will go away471
37.now everybody knows447
38.pretty good shape373
39.put me back together again413
40.she called me baby520
41.sunday morning christian371
42.take it and go429
43.that little boy who follows me444
44.three cheers for the good guys499
45.too many rivers408
46.uncle sam im a patriot674
47.we didnt build this world549
48.were proud to call him son677
49.wishin she was here instead of me554
50.world is weighing heavy on my mind447
51.you dont know my mind560
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