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hanoi rocks, hanoi rocks arklar, hanoi rocks ark szleri
1.a day late, a dollar short420
2.a million miles away347
3.back to mystery city427
4.beer and a cigarette411
5.cafe avenue405
6.cutting corners419
7.dead by xmas398
9.designs on you419
11.devil woman482
12.do the duck555
13.dont follow me691
14.dont you ever leave me632
15.fallen star405
16.first timer458
18.gypsy boots433
19.high school555
20.i cant get it453
21.i love you670
22.i want you477
23.ice cream summer447
24.in my darkest moment389
25.its too late in the year956
26.kill city586
27.lick summer love440
28.lightning bar blues423
29.lightnin bar blues693
30.lost in the city402
31.loves an injection605
33.m c baby503
34.magic carpet ride443
35.malibu beach nightmare682
36.menaced by nightingales488
37.mental beat387
38.million miles away aka never get enough409
40.new york city467
41.no law or order480
42.nothing new361
44.oil and gasoline433
45.oriental beat415
46.people like me395
48.problem child455
49.rebel on the run395
50.self destruction blues319
52.strange boys play weird openings467
53.sweet home suburbia380
54.taxi driver523
55.teenangels outsiders405
56.th street kids369
57.tooting bec wreck395
59.train kept a rollin499
60.two steps from the move430
61.under my wheels349
62.underwater world368
63.until i get you415
64.up around the bend383
65.village girl399
67.walking with my angel377
68.watch this441
69.whatcha want430
70.whispers in the dark433
71.willing to cross the ocean409
72.winged bull404
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