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a-ha, a-ha arklar, a-ha ark szleri
1.a little bit470
2.afternoon high445
3.and you tell me453
4.angel in the snow540
5.barely hanging on463
6.between your mama and yourself417
7.blue sky481
8.cannot hide448
9.cold as stone458
10.cold river438
11.cry wolf538
12.crying in the rain448
13.dark is the night for all446
14.did anyone approach you437
17.early morning488
18.east of the sun, west of the moon464
19.forever not yours445
20.here i stand and face the rain488
21.how sweet it was421
22.hunting high and low453
23.hurry home481
24.i call your name389
25.i dream myself alive413
26.i wish i cared453
27.i wont forget her667
28.ive been losing you552
29.lamb to the slaughter445
30.less than pure425
31.lie down in darkness558
33.little black heart400
34.living a boys adventure tale530
36.love is reason484
37.manhattan skyline384
38.mary ellen makes the moment count414
39.maybe, maybe807
40.memorial beach460
41.minor earth, major sky476
42.move to memphis447
44.oranges on apple trees414
45.out of blue comes green402
46.rolling thunder438
47.scoundrel days450
48.seemingly nonstop july559
49.slender frame416
50.soft rains of april505
52.stay on these roads454
53.summer moved on470
54.sycamore leaves521
55.take on me1149
56.the blood that moves the body458
57.the company man388
58.the living daylights440
59.the sun alawys shine on tv406
60.the sun never shone that day385
61.the swing of things415
62.the way we talk497
63.the weight of the wind451
64.theres a reason for it472
65.theres never a forever thing511
66.this alone is love501
67.thought that it was you471
68.time and again382
69.to let you win495
71.train of thought374
72.turn the lights down440
74.waiting for her430
75.were lookinf for the whales702
76.white canvas473
77.you are the one427
78.you wanted more459
79.youll end up crying728
80.youll never get over me774
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