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anastacia, anastacia arklar, anastacia ark szleri
1.baptize my soul398
2.black roses415
3.cowboys & kisses359
4.dont stop doinit461
5.dontcha wanna522
6.freak of nature424
7.heavy on my heart401
8.how come the world wont stop492
9.i ask of you406
10.i do455
11.i dreamed you382
12.im outta love613
13.late last night356
14.left outside alone593
15.love is a crime403
16.love is alive378
17.made for lovin you580
18.maybe today458
19.not that kind360
20.nothing at all396
21.one day in your life417
22.one more chance398
23.oooh yeah403
24.overdue goodbye394
25.paid my dues425
26.pieces of a dream546
27.pretty little dum dum426
29.same old story354
31.sexy single372
32.sick and tired504
34.welcome to my truth465
35.where do i belong418
36.whos gonna stop the rain454
37.whyd you lie to me522
38.wishing well374
39.yo trippin575
40.youll never be alone660
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