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the gift ark sz

its funny how it starts, just how it all begins.
you get your sights on dreams,and man a thousand different things.
you are on for yourself,youre chasing cool desire.
you get addicted fast, but man youre playin with fire.

then theres a day that comes to you.
when you get all you want, but theres a space inside thats still as empty as it was.
till an angel comes your way and man shes fallin fast.
you know shes so in need but she is to afraid to ask.

so you hold on out your hands and catch her best you can.
and in givin love you feel a better man.

-and the gift is what you get by givin more than you receive.
and youre learnin fast that maybe this is how youll be happy.
cause in takin everything you lost, the air you need to breath.
but in givin it away, you found the precious thing you seek.

man, its funny how she smiles, how grateful she is now.
and how that touches me deep in my heart somehow.
yet the mirror laughs at me when i forget myself.
when i complain about, this hand that i got dealt.

and if i had know before, how much she would change my life.
id sure go back in time and tell that guy...hey, man.
you can do better than this, you can answer your prayers.
you can grant your own wish.

just hold on out your hands and give the most you can.
and i swear to you youll feel a better man.


and its better by far to do what you do now.
and leave the rest to love.
just be strong in who you are.
once you start on that road.
youre safe in the knowledge.
that anyway you go.
will lead you home.


so precious precious precious...



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