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sweet thing ark sz

you show up, walking in the place like what what
ive never seen a girl like that tight
how could anyone deny your shine
gotta make it work this time
second time around - its on tonight

what you do
when you move
got me frozen to the spot
and i cant affortd to stop

sweet thing! youre as bad as you wanna be
sweet thing! it aint never been this hard for me
youre the brightest thing that ive ever seen
diamonds blind ya - you with me?


girl you, make me wanna fall in love true
did you hear what i just said?
can i find a way inside your head?
check it, i aint even frontin
she said, she dont need a man but im
gonna be the one to change her mind

what you do
when you move
got me frozen to the spot
and i cant afford to stop


ive seen you, now im never turning back
i dont care anymore and thats a fact
now, you are my everything
since you came my way
straight up, youre the only one i want
right here is the chance to get it on
i want you to trust me...
i cant move when im around you



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