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long time ark sz

the warmth in your smile is the warmth that i desire,
cos its cold and lonely in this place, oh yeah.
and i need to get close to the flames in a fire,
and lose myself in yesterday, oh yeah.
its gonna be a long long long time,
till i can be with you again, and see your smile.
its gonna be a long long long time,
till i hold you in my arms all through the night,
its gonna be a long long time.
lookin outside and i feel so uninspired,
and it rains all through this lonely night, oh yeah.
im losing my mind and my soul is feelin tired,
cos girl you are my guiding light, oh yeah.
girl i been missin you, i never thought id feel this way.
all the feelings i have inside grow stronger everyday.
girl i want you to know that i will never let you go.
youre the only one i really want
and theres one thing youve gotta know
chorus x 2
listen girl i need you
are you there?
theres nothing i can do about it
and i wanna hold you
and show you how much you mean to me
oh yeah thats right
dont you know i want you in my life, my life, my life


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