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guy clark, guy clark arklar, guy clark ark szleri
1.a nickel for the fiddler369
2.aint no trouble to me580
3.all through throwin good love after bad455
4.anyhow, i love you304
5.baby took a limo to memphis354
6.baton rouge370
7.be gone forever447
8.better days411
9.black diamond strings394
10.black haired boy368
11.boats to build370
12.broken hearted people354
13.bunkhouse blues402
15.cold dog soup413
16.come from the heart369
17.desperadoes waiting for a train331
18.desperados waiting for a train392
19.die tryin545
20.doctor good doctor429
21.dublin blues416
22.fools for each other408
23.forever, for always, for certain377
24.fort worth blues350
26.hangin your life on the wall489
27.hank williams said it best346
29.heavy metal369
30.homegrown tomatoes363
31.howd you get this number521
32.i dont love you much do i508
33.immigrant eyes356
34.indian cowboy374
35.indian head penny387
36.instant coffee blues355
37.jack of all trades358
38.l a freeway391
39.last gunfighter ballad343
40.let him roll362
41.like a coat from the cold359
42.little of both348
43.madonna with child nineteen sixty nine588
44.me im feelin the same543
45.men will be boys341
46.must be my baby376
47.old friends365
48.out in the parking lot359
49.picassos mandolin625
50.ramblin jack and mahan684
51.red river409
52.rita ballou404
53.she aint going nowhere541
54.she aint goin nowhere491
55.shut up and talk to me392
56.sis draper367
57.south coast of texas350
58.stuff that works330
60.texas cookin474
61.that old time feeling380
62.that old time feelin445
63.the ballad of laverne and captain flint381
64.the last gunfighter ballad281
65.to live is to fly358
66.too much414
67.tryin to try578
68.virginias real569
69.water under the bridge376
70.watermelon dream393
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