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youre pretty when im drunk ark sz
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youre pretty when im drunk ark sz

one night me and the crew hit the road on a mission
to slurp free brew and go fuzzy flounder fishin
kayjees on the hi-fi and the keg was bottomless
until we brought skip o pot2mus
and daddys gonna get some probably underage and dumb
and everybody knows that the daddy eats his young
lupus in the lavatory making a big stink
macing up the toilet seat and pooping in the sink
m.s.g.s tanked up and wizzin in a cup
waiting for a sprinkle genie to come and drink it up
cause im the one bottle willy with the 12 horse ale
after that i get silly like soupy sales
now its midnight and im completely boofy blitzed
a six of shlitz and the jew brew manischewitz
with my beer-tinted glasses im ready to bitty battle
im hungry like the wolf but ill end up tending cattle
cause youre pretty when im drunk
(youre pretty when im drunk)
(and im pretty fuckin drunk)
here she comes, a funky fried cutie
mr. jimmy pop ali is gonna get some booty
cause im mr. mcfeelie with a speedy delivery
youd think i was a ditch the way this chick was diggin me
but maybe i should check and see if this is where i wanna be
hey lupus is she cute? yea for a pygmie
aw! what do you know? youre probably going home alone
and it wouldnt be the first time that i gave a dog a bone
plus beauty, its only skin deep
its in the eye of the beholder and my beholders about to tweak
i could tap that barrel, in fact i know i can
its a menage a trois you and me and heineken

cause youre pretty when im drunk
(youre pretty when im drunk) (x4)

regrets ive had a few
first and foremost id like to mention you
for the sake of conversation well call you the brand new heavy
your a mix between an ugnaut and eugene levy
you can call it big-boned, i prefer to call it gut
your buddha your shamu your jabba the fuckin hutt
you had harpoon scars and your boobies were hairy
i smelt tuna melt but i wasnt gonna worry
it was 3 a.m. and i wasnt gettin squat
so i rolled you up in flour and aimed it for the wet spot
i was buttering rolls like a soup kitchen christian
then it hit me something bit me while my little rod was fishin
i was deep sea fishing i took a fat chance
but how was i supposed to know that jabberjaws
lived in your pants
at that junction i came to realize
that only frank purdue likes thighs that size
fatty fatty boom ba latty i gotta lament
that you were not a girl you were an experiment
cause youre pretty when im drunk
(youre pretty when im drunk)
youre pretty when im drunk
and im pretty fucking drunk


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