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we are the knuckleheads ark sz

whos the knuckleheads?
we are the knuckleheads? (x4)
if you would be the peanut butter then i would play the jelly
ill peel apart your bread and then ill penetrate your belly
your blood stains mighty bad i wash it off with coast
now ill take my jelly and spread it on your toast
no one rhymes faster the mic is my blaster
so grasp some shasta the mighty mic master
giving ya communion with your lips on my cup
pump pump pump pump me up
now if youre the waterboy then im the heavyweight contender
im gonna mix you all up like a black and decker blender
if you would be the telstar then id have to be defender
ill be out in just four weeks i was a first offender
your a dumb ass stupid vera and im the one that flo calls mel
puttin holes right through your body like harvey keitel
youre a broken down big wheel im a banana-seated schwinn
take the butt of your gun and smash their nose in clip of harvey keitel from reservoir dogs
im a lego-eggo maniac im stickier than some fun tack
trip to the store and get another six pack
bomb dropping like at ground zero
like colonel klink is getting fucked by hogans heroes
eenie meanie miney mo you took your shot you missed
i wasnt a good boy this year im not on santas list
i gave your girl some sausage and than i slit your wrists
now im taking your ass out like my name was burgeous meredith
whos the knuckleheads?
we are the knuckleheads (x4)
fast fast quick bic like ass when ya pass gas
you threw it like a girl thats why you got picked last
and mr. easy does it never did it now did he
jesus is coming so look busy
and you and your chumps are gonna get your lumps
i got the goose that laid the golden egg you got goose bumps
cause im black yall, its a fact yall
and if you try to take whats mine ill take it back yall
i wish all skinheads smelled like mr. clean
and that girl from jersey really was nineteen
cause the whole damn world would be peachy keen
with rip taylor on the cover of every magazine so go
rip rip rip taylor
rip rip rip taylor
rip taylor rip taylor
your girlfriend
we nailed her
my moms got opposable thumbs
your moms weezie jefferson
id rather eat fresh heiny chow
and i aint crazy about no god damn butthole no how
batter roll and whip ya like a fucken kanoli
if satan had a hockey team thenid be the goalie
cause were dumber than driftwood dumber than your mama
dumber than a supermodel dumber than kwanza
whos the knuckleheads?
we are the knuckleheads? (x4)


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