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guided by voices, guided by voices arklar, guided by voices ark szleri
1. in the model home series503
2. years of beautiful sex478
4.a big fan of the pigpen469
5.a contest featuring human beings329
6.a crick uphill363
7.a farewell to arms458
8.a good circuitry soldier291
9.a good flying bird346
10.a kind of love311
11.a life in finer clothing314
12.a portrait destroyed by fire362
13.a proud and booming industry404
14.a salty salute426
15.a visit to the creep dr316
16.acorns & orioles285
17.adverse wind382
18.again the waterloo316
19.aim correctly413
20.all for sex and better whiskey489
21.alone stinking and unafraid369
23.always crush me354
25.an earful o wax410
26.an unmarketed product372
27.announcers and umpires382
28.apparent the red angus294
29.are you faster445
31.as we go up, we go down336
32.ascended masters grogshop426
33.at odds with doctor genesis319
34.at odds with dr genesis299
35.at the farms416
36.atom eyes373
38.avalanche aminos435
39.awful bliss431
40.back to the lake349
41.bad and rare520
43.beatles and stones374
44.beekeeper seeks ruth334
45.best thing goin round486
46.big boring wedding314
47.big chief chinese restaurant1359
48.big school402
49.big trouble511
51.black ghost pie457
53.blatant doom448
54.blimps go345
56.blue gil422
57.boadcastor house387
58.bomb in the bee-hive400
59.born on seaweed330
60.bottoms up you fantastic bastard343
61.bread alone364
62.bright paper werewolves338
63.buffalo spiders380
65.bughouse versions359
66.bulldog skin330
67.bunco men351
68.burning flag birthday suit311
69.burns carpenter, man of science292
70.buzzards and dreadful crows326
71.calling zero432
72.canteen plums315
73.cant hear the revolution489
74.cant stop431
75.captains dead479
76.car language384
77.carnival at the morning star school323
78.catfood on the earwig366
80.chain wallet bitch483
81.chasing heather crazy319
82.cheerleader cold front438
84.chicken blows328
85.chief barrel belly373
86.choking tara300
87.chowder, anyone464
88.christian animation torch carriers343
89.cigarette tricks497
90.cinnamon flavoured skulls336
91.circle of trim540
92.circling motorhead mountain454
93.circus devils theme instrumental484
94.circus world325
96.closer you are361
97.club molluska472
98.cocaine jane443
99.cocksoldiers and their postwar stubble331
100.codys antler570
101.cold war water sports411
102.color of my blade333
103.common rebels429
104.cool off kid kilowatt406
107.crockers favorite song434
109.crunch pillow515
110.crutch came slinking337
112.curse of the black ass buffalo332
113.cut-out witch314
115.daily planet291
116.damn good mr jam475
117.dank star ground control663
119.dayton ohio something and381
120.deaf ears332
121.deathtrot and warlock riding a rooster348
123.delayed reaction brats861
124.demons are real440
125.devil doll443
127.ding dong daddy is back from the bank588
128.discussing wallace chambers421
129.do the earth327
130.do they teach you to chase uk version only413
131.doctor moon347
132.dodging invisible rays325
133.dogs out602
134.donkey school460
135.dont stop now518
136.dorothys a planet401
137.drag days373
138.dragons awake356
139.drawing to a whole355
140.drinkers peace487
141.driving in the us of a348
142.dumbluck systems stormfront411
143.dungeon of drunks304
144.dust devil298
147.dying to try this409
149.echos myron338
150.edisons memos1062
152.electric indians379
153.eskimo clockwork454
154.esters day399
155.eureka signs379
157.everywhere with helicopter315
158.evil speakers399
159.evil speakers b357
161.excellent things316
162.exit flagger342
163.expecting brainchild345
164.exploding anthills386
165.exploratory rat fink committee373
166.factory of raw essentials474
167.fair touching395
168.fantasy creeps587
169.father sgt christmas card447
170.feathering cluless the exotic freebird421
171.feel try fury457
172.fine to see you355
174.flesh ears from june311
176.fly into ashes367
177.forever since357
178.fountain of youth323
180.from a voice plantation356
182.fruit weapon422
183.game of pricks327
185.gelatin, ice cream, plum=a328
186.get to know th291
187.ghosts of a different dream328
189.girl from the sun337
190.glad girls400
191.gleemer the deeds of fertile jim306
192.glow boy butlers417
193.go for the answers308
194.go gold430
195.gold hick505
196.gold star for robot boy397
197.good for a few laughs352
198.grandfather westinghouse590
199.grasshopper rap442
200.green face336
202.ha ha man550
203.hanks little fingers524
204.hardcore ufos323
205.have it again315
206.heavy metal country325
207.her psychology today327
208.hey aardvark469
209.hey hey spaceman387
210.hey mr soundman split " with grifters361
211.hey, baby1978
212.hes the uncle424
214.hold on hope381
215.hold on to yesterday302
216.hollow cheek394
217.hope not i certainly hope not327
218.hot freaks312
219.how brown522
220.how loft am i412
221.however young they are359
222.hows my drinking617
223.hunter complex450
224.i am a scientist360
225.i am a tree331
226.i am produced467
227.i can see it in your eyes345
228.i cant freeze anymore449
229.i hate your perfume334
230.i wanna be a dumbcharger348
232.idiot princess382
233.if we wait333
234.impressions of a leg434
235.in stitches346
236.in walked the moon321
237.indian fables370
238.indian was an angel310
239.industry standard436
240.interest position357
241.intro life star410
242.invest in british steel419
243.ironrose worm448
244.is it mostly it is mostly375
245.is she ever322
246.isolation drills334
247.it is divine326
248.its a bad ticket476
249.its easy618
250.its like soul man593
251.ill buy you a bird368
252.ill name you the flame that cries374
253.im cold377
254.im dirty565
256.james riot377
257.jane of the waking universe309
258.jar of cardinals428
259.jellyfish reflector537
260.johnny appleseed431
261.june salutes you336
262.kerouac never drove, so he never drove alone292
263.key losers365
264.kicker of elves472
265.king & caroline356
266.kingdom of teeth420
267.kiss only important ones312
268.kisses to the crying cooks369
269.knife song629
270.knock em flying419
271.knockem flyin491
272.land of danger310
273.learning to hunt316
275.lets go back to bed580
276.lets go to china1458
277.lets go to war466
278.lets go vike601
279.lets ride345
280.liars tale373
281.lifetime for the mavericks358
282.like i do415
283.lips of steel365
284.liquid indian405
285.little head339
286.little jimmy the giant307
287.little lines371
288.little whirl327
289.lizard food487
290.local mix-up / murder charge340
291.lonely street426
292.long as the block is black349
293.long distance man339
294.long way to run311
295.look at them364
296.look to the left350
297.look, its baseball501
298.lord of overstock355
300.love beat423
301.mag earwhig465
302.mallard smoke310
303.mammoth cave370
304.man called aerodynamics360
305.manenequins complaint wax dummy meltdown433
306.mansfield on the sky312
307.marchers in orange326
308.matter eater lad537
309.maxwell jump489
311.medley : this view/true sensation/on the wall41
312.melted pat376
314.metal mothers339
315.mice feel nice in my room325
316.mincer ray395
317.mission experiences420
319.mongoose orgasm428
320.morning has broken387
321.mosquitoes dropped their javelins413
322.motor away326
323.mr gene385
324.mr japan295
325.mr mccaslin will sell no more flowers389
326.mr media416
327.much better mr buckles349
328.mushroom art401
329.mute superstar479
330.my big day three versions322
331.my feets trustworthy existance381
332.my impression now329
333.my son cool why wasnt this here before359
334.my thoughts are a gas319
335.my valuable hunting knife317
336.natives approach our plane452
337.navigating flood regions312
338.nd moves to twin325
339.never forget where you get them351
340.new you you can see and believe342
341.newtons hopeless marriage400
342.no sky408
343.no welcome wagons352
345.none of them any good425
346.north american vampires475
347.north morning silver trip379
348.not behind the fighter jet345
349.not good for the mechanism403
350.not so fast394
351.now im crying424
352.now to war325
353.office of hearts388
354.oh blinky384
355.oil birds433
356.old battery436
357.on short wave349
358.on the tundra402
359.on with the show344
360.once in a while466
361.one more424
362.optical hopscotch409
363.optional bases opposed338
364.orange jacket320
365.order for the new slave trade276
366.our value of luxury358
367.out in the world383
368.ovarian angel architect314
369.over the neptune/mesh gear fox a rock anthem379
371.paper girl310
372.peace needle425
375.perch warble405
376.perfect this time314
377.perhaps now the vultures336
379.picture from the brainbox301
380.picture me big time285
381.pimple zoo523
382.pink drink317
383.pink gun526
384.pivotal film471
386.planets own brand488
387.playhouse hostage442
388.please freeze me327
389.pleeze freeze me369
390.pluto the skate458
391.portable mens society387
392.postal blowfish399
394.pretty bombs318
396.quality of armor341
397.queen of cans and jars360
398.radical girl505
399.radio show426
400.rainbow billy467
402.rd world birdwatching412
404.red gas circle348
405.red hot halos450
406.redboots and the helmet299
407.redmen and their wives333
408.remain lodging at airport324
409.reptilian beauty secrets410
410.rhine jive click455
411.ringworm interiors493
412.rocking now470
413.rubber man454
414.run wild417
415.running off with the fun city girls376
417.sad if i lost it322
418.sadness is to end379
419.salvation army bacon and eggs300
421.satyr at styx & rubicon386
422.scalding creek390
423.scalping the guru460
424.scary out there422
426.scissors and the clay ox in351
427.scoprpion lounge shutdown313
428.selective service441
429.sensational gravity boy315
430.settlement down457
431.she wants to know318
433.shifting swift is a lift349
434.shit midas508
435.short on posters304
436.shrine to the dynamic years athens time change riots406
437.silver eyeballs447
438.sing it out363
439.sister, i need wine368
440.skills like this703
441.skin parade356
442.slopes of big ugly349
443.smothered in hugs315
445.snuff movie shes gone895
446.some drilling implied324
447.sometimes i cry332
448.song of love426
449.sopor joe397
452.spinning around550
453.spring tiger369
454.spring tigers367
455.squirmish frontal room411
456.stabbing a star340
457.star peppered wheat germ448
459.static airplane jive457
460.steak and eggs296
461.sterility megaplant458
462.stifled man casino711
463.storm vibrations361
464.straps hold up the jaw392
465.straw dogs413
466.striped white jets371
467.strumpet eye519
468.subatomic rain434
469.subtle gear shifting322
470.superior sector janitor x461
471.supermarket the moon375
472.surgical focus400
473.systems crash299
475.taco, buffalo, birddog and jesus299
476.take to the sky458
477.tear it out355
478.teenage fbi305
479.that girl moore480
480.the brides have hit glass278
481.the candyland riots393
482.the colussus crawls west300
483.the cost of shipping cattle318
484.the dawntrust guarantee419
485.the drinking jim crow343
486.the enemy358
487.the finest joke is upon us307
488.the fool ticket502
489.the future is in eggs315
490.the goldheart mountaintop queen directory417
491.the great blake st canoe race334
492.the hard way420
493.the ids are alright402
494.the key losers404
495.the kissing life404
496.the kite surfer305
497.the megaphonic thrift an odd assembly278
498.the official ironmen rally song352
499.the old grunt369
500.the opposing engineer sleeps alone310
501.the other place333
502.the perfect life373
503.the qualifying remainder318
504.the singing razorblade352
505.the sonny liston fan club462
506.the terrible two318
507.the theory of broken circles312
508.the top chicks silver chord502
509.the tumblers442
510.the ugly vision386
511.the valium restaurant397
512.the weeping bogeyman404
513.the wheel hits the path quite soon338
514.the who vs porky pig337
515.the winter cows311
516.the worryin song433
517.theyre not witches451
518.things i will keep for jim sheppard336
519.throat of throats338
520.time machines300
521.to remake the young flyer290
522.tobaccos last stand396
523.tomorrow you may rise405
524.total exposure308
525.tractor rape chain353
526.tractor rape chain clean it up319
528.trap soul door348
529.trashed aircraft399
531.trendspotter acrobat347
532.tricyclic looper411
533.tropic of nipples588
534.tropical robots480
535.try to find you382
536.trying to make it work again332
537.twilight campfighter318
538.tykie love text book memorial hemmingway431
539.unbated vicar of scorched earth328
540.uncle dave467
542.underground initiations350
544.universal nurse finger441
545.universal truths and cycles334
546.unleashed large hearted boy416
547.unshaven bird476
549.unstable journey345
550.up the nails313
551.volcano divers450
552.want one447
553.war & wedding473
554.watch me jumpstart325
555.weed king331
556.were in the business478
557.weve got airplanes414
558.what about it422
559.what kind of love affair306
560.when she turns394
561.where i come from319
562.where is out there373
563.white car creek399
564.white whale381
565.why did you land331
566.will you show me your gold397
567.wings of thorn357
568.wingtip repair396
569.wire greyhounds400
570.wished i was a giant334
571.wondering boy poet344
572.world you sing it432
573.world of fun469
575.wrecking now471
576.wrong drama addiction and life starts here371
577.year old man409
578.yellow wife no446
579.you first435
580.you learn something old every day378
581.you the doctor377
582.you will be there302
583.your name is wild374
584.yours to keep335
585.youre not an airplane523
587.zoo pie468
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