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shitty record offer ark sz

i translated this axl rose skit as best i could...

(soon to be released on world famous cheese factory records)

take the good, take the bad, take the gold and there you have
facts of life, the facts of life the facts of life (c) nbc

(the obnoxious model-beating lead vocalist of a certain
chart topping heavy metal glam-rock band sings a medley
of all your favourite mid-80s television theme songs)

now the world dont move to the beat of just one drum
what might be right for you, might not be right for some

different strokes, different strokes to the world different strokes (c) nbc

(including small wonder, gimme a break, silver spoons, and this irresitable ditty)

charles in charge, of our days, and our nights charles in charge (c) nbc

(available only on world famous cheese factory records
which is part of
underdog entertainment
which is part of
columbia records
which is part of
sony music international)


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