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rip taylor is god ark sz

hey! da dee dada dee da da
this is rip taylor
hey there sprinkle genies!
did you know that midgets make up a small percentage of the population?
not half, up to here, haha hey!
but seriously, dont you think its time we had a female president?
with big gazooms? tatee tattoo tees?
tatta ta too tatas?
baba bing bangs?
big jugs, get it?
hello dolly
is this microphone on? hello? anybody out there can they hear me?
somebody call my agent, my hair is lifting!
please, what am i doing here?
youre probably saying to yourself
"why the hell would a comedic virtuoso like, rip taylor,
want anything to do with those half-witted white trash crotch
goblins the bloodhound gang?"
oh! well listen folks, the answer is very simple..
haha... american cashito, dollareenies, no cheques!
they paid me you hiney hopper why else?
oh im getting moist!
i mean come on, lets face it kids, pardon me... but they are
a bunch of knuckleheads!


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