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hell yeah ark sz

alright now boys and girls weve got another story for you now!
we want to introduce to you another friend of the bible!

hell yeah
hell yeah
hell yeah
hell yeah

if i were god there would be no explicit sex on t.v.
like little opie eating pie when he made it with aunt bea

if i were god thou shall not worship false billy idols
and thou shall add the book of flavor flav to the bible
thou shall make fun of hindus thou shall not make a "speed 2"
if i were god thats what id do heavens no

hell yeah (x4)

if i were god id get a bunch of slaves to do everything
norwegian lesbians that feed me grapes and know how to sing

if i were god thou shall not wear tube socks with flip-flops
thou shall sit and thou shall spin thou shall even wife swap
thou shall resist the olsen twins, thou shall not cut "footloose"
if i were god thats what id do, heavens no

hell yeah (x4)

and when they nail my pimpled ass to the cross
ill tell them i found jesus that should throw them off
he goes by the name jesus and steals hubcaps from cars
oh jesus can i borrow your crowbar?
to pry these god damn nails out theyre beginning to hurt
crucified and all i got was this lousy t-shirt
"i cant believe its not butter!" ill sing as im flogged
yeah thats what i would do if i were god
so vote for me for savior and youll go to heaven
your lame duck lord is like kevin spacey in "seven"
with creepy threats of h-e-double-hockey-stick
you just cant teach an old god new tricks
but would i be a good messiah with my low self-esteem?
if i dont believe in myself would that be blasphemy?
just sport some crummy "holier than thou" facade
yeah thats what i would do if i were god


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